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A better alternative

Every garment has an origin, a story, and carries an impact. This starts with the people who have
a hand in its creation.

Evolving since y.2023

When it comes to creating a better world for the future, we understand there’s a lot left to be done — but no act is too little, or too late.

At Atlas Kind, we’re doing our part in making a positive change
by opting for eco-friendly fabrics to create our garments.

With mindfulness and kindness at our core, we are always finding ways to do better:
whether through the responsible designs we create or
supporting communities that matter to us.
Script Cotton Cutaway Tank

We are Atlas Kind

We strive to make a difference.
And we hope you’ll join us on this journey
because a kinder, better world can start with you.
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Our approach is to consider all aspects:
from our timeless designs, to the eco-friendly materials used in our garments and packaging,
to the repurposed features and fixtures in our retail space.

We strive to be better for you, and for the environment.
We’re here to drive forward positive change.
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